Unit 7: The Earth Under Sky Bear's Feet

Learn these words from the Native American mythic poems by Joseph Bruchac (Inside: Level A, Unit 7).

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  1. roam
    move about aimlessly or without any destination
  2. swirl
    turn in a twisting or spinning motion
  3. current
    a steady flow of a fluid or gas
  4. tale
    a story that tells the particulars of an occurrence or event
  5. hunter
    someone who tracks and kills game
  6. track
    make marks left by something that has passed
  7. continue
    maintain a certain state, condition, or activity
  8. glitter
    sparkle or shine with shimmering light
  9. scatter
    strew or distribute over an area
  10. remain
    continue in a place, position, or situation
  11. loosen
    disentangle and raise the fibers of
  12. curiosity
    a state in which you want to learn more about something
  13. advice
    a proposal for an appropriate course of action
  14. wise
    having intelligence and discernment
  15. root
    take hold and begin to grow
  16. accept
    consider or hold as true
  17. familiar
    well known or easily recognized
Created on August 5, 2016 (updated August 17, 2016)

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