Unit 8: Handle with Care

Learn these words from the persuasive essay by Kate Boehm Jerome (Inside: Level B, Unit 8).

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  1. protect
    shield from danger, injury, destruction, or damage
  2. issue
    some situation or event that is thought about
  3. resource
    a new or reserve supply that can be drawn upon when needed
  4. prevent
    keep from happening or arising; make impossible
  5. biosphere
    the regions of the Earth where living organisms exist
  6. desert
    arid land with little or no vegetation
  7. wasteland
    an uninhabited wilderness that is worthless for cultivation
  8. tropical
    relating to part of the Earth's surface with hot climate
  9. rainforest
    a densely wooded tropical area with heavy precipitation
  10. biome
    major ecological community with distinct climate and flora
  11. species
    taxonomic group whose members can interbreed
  12. damage
    inflict harm upon
  13. environmentalist
    someone who works to protect nature from destruction
  14. recycle
    use again after processing
  15. waste
    any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted
  16. landfill
    an area where waste is disposed of by burying it underground
  17. disposal
    the act or means of getting rid of something
  18. storage
    the act of keeping something for future use
  19. source
    the place where something begins
  20. recreation
    an activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates
  21. essential
    of the greatest importance
  22. preserve
    keep in safety and protect from harm, loss, or destruction
  23. toxic
    of or relating to or caused by a poison
  24. chemical
    material produced by changes in atoms or molecules
  25. threaten
    present a danger to
  26. industry
    the action of making of goods and services for sale
  27. reduce
    cut down on
  28. output
    production of a certain amount
  29. produce
    come to have or undergo a change of
  30. habitat
    the type of environment in which an organism normally lives
  31. eat away
    wear down or erode
  32. buildup
    the act of accumulating
  33. pollution
    contamination of the natural environment
  34. affect
    act physically on
  35. responsible
    worthy of or requiring trust; held accountable
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