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  1. affect
    have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
  2. analyze
    consider in detail in order to discover essential features
  3. appeal
    earnest or urgent request
  4. appropriate
    suitable for a particular person, place, or situation
  5. arrange
    put into a proper or systematic order
  6. associate
    make a logical or causal connection
  7. category
    a general concept that marks divisions or coordinations
  8. cause
    any entity that produces an effect
  9. characteristic
    a noticeable feature or aspect of something
  10. characterization
    the act of describing essential features
  11. classic
    of recognized authority or excellence
  12. communicate
    transmit information
  13. compare
    examine and note the similarities or differences of
  14. compound
    a whole formed by a union of two or more elements or parts
  15. conclusion
    a position or opinion reached after consideration
  16. confirm
    establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
  17. conflict
    a state of opposition between persons or ideas or interests
  18. connect
    make a logical or causal linkage
  19. connotation
    an idea that is implied or suggested
  20. context
    discourse that surrounds and helps explain a word or passage
  21. contrast
    put in opposition to show or emphasize differences
  22. convince
    make realize the truth or validity of something
  23. create
    make or cause to be or to become
  24. critical
    of a serious examination and judgment of something
  25. data
    a collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn
  26. define
    explain the meaning of a word
  27. demonstrate
    show the validity of something, as by example or explanation
  28. describe
    give an account or representation of in words
  29. determine
    reach, make, or come to a decision about something
  30. discover
    determine the existence, presence, or fact of
  31. discuss
    consider or examine in speech or writing
  32. distinguish
    mark as different
  33. effect
    a phenomenon that is caused by some previous phenomenon
  34. effectively
    in a manner producing an intended result
  35. element
    one of the individual parts making up a composite entity
  36. evaluate
    judge; form a critical opinion of
  37. evidence
    knowledge on which to base belief
  38. exact
    marked by strict and complete accordance with fact
  39. explain
    make plain and comprehensible
  40. fact
    a piece of information about events that have occurred
  41. feature
    a prominent attribute or aspect of something
  42. fluency
    skillfulness in speaking or writing
  43. focus
    direct one's attention on something
  44. generalization
    an idea or conclusion having broad application
  45. goal
    the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve
  46. identify
    recognize as being
  47. illustrate
    make clear or understandable by giving an example
  48. image
    a mental representation
  49. individual
    being or characteristic of a single thing or person
  50. inference
    a conclusion you can draw based on known evidence
  51. interpret
    make sense of; assign a meaning to
  52. judgment
    an opinion formed critically
  53. literal
    limited to the explicit meaning of a word or text
  54. locate
    determine the place of by searching or examining
  55. logical
    based on known statements or events or conditions
  56. mood
    a characteristic state of feeling
  57. motive
    the reason that arouses action toward a desired goal
  58. narrative
    an account that tells the particulars of an act or event
  59. obvious
    easily perceived by the senses or grasped by the mind
  60. opinion
    a personal belief or judgment
  61. organize
    bring order to
  62. origin
    the source of something's existence or from which it derives
  63. original
    not derived or copied or translated from something else
  64. paraphrase
    express the same message in different words
  65. perspective
    a way of regarding situations or topics
  66. predict
    make a guess about what will happen in the future
  67. problem
    a question raised for consideration or solution
  68. process
    a particular course of action intended to achieve a result
  69. propaganda
    information that is spread to promote some cause
  70. purpose
    an anticipated outcome that guides your planned actions
  71. record
    set down in permanent form
  72. refer
    seek information from
  73. reflect
    give evidence of
  74. relate
    make a logical or causal connection
  75. report
    to give an account or representation of in words
  76. research
    attempt to find out in a systematic and scientific manner
  77. response
    the speech act of continuing a conversational exchange
  78. role
    the actions and activities assigned to a person or group
  79. scale
    an ordered reference standard
  80. select
    pick out or choose from a number of alternatives
  81. sequence
    a following of one thing after another in time
  82. series
    similar things placed in order or one after another
  83. similar
    having the same or nearly the same characteristics
  84. situation
    a condition or position in which you find yourself
  85. solve
    find the answer to or understand the meaning of
  86. source
    a document from which information is obtained
  87. specific
    stated explicitly or in detail
  88. structure
    the complex composition of knowledge as elements
  89. style
    a mode of expression typical of a person, group, or period
  90. summarize
    briefly present the main points of something
  91. support
    argue or speak in defense of
  92. symbol
    something visible that represents something invisible
  93. technical
    relating to or requiring special knowledge to be understood
  94. theme
    a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in literary work
  95. tone
    a quality that reveals the attitudes of the author
  96. topic
    the subject matter of a conversation or discussion
  97. trait
    a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
  98. unique
    radically distinctive and without equal
  99. viewpoint
    a mental position from which things are considered
  100. visualize
    form a mental picture of something that is invisible
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