1. zone of interior the part of the theater of war not included in the theater of operations
  2. inferior of or characteristic of low rank or importance
  3. scene painter an artist specializing in scenic subjects
  4. anterior of or near the head end or toward the front plane of a body
  5. self-interest concern for your own interests and welfare
  6. interior inside and toward a center
  7. infantry an army unit consisting of soldiers who fight on foot
  8. inventory a detailed list of all the items in stock
  9. long underwear an undergarment with shirt and drawers in one piece
  10. serratus anterior muscles that rotate the scapula and elevate the rib cage
  11. adventurer someone who travels into little known regions
  12. inventor someone who is the first to think of or make something
  13. zinfandel dry fruity red wine from California
  14. sign painter someone who paints signs and billboards etc.
  15. venturer a merchant who undertakes a trading venture
  16. wonderer someone who is curious about something
  17. saunterer someone who walks at a leisurely pace
  18. Interior the United States federal department charged with conservation and the development of natural resources; created in 1849
  19. spin drier a clothes dryer that uses centrifugal motion to dry the clothes that are put into it
  20. Zinfandel small black grape grown chiefly in California