1. young fish a fish that is young
  2. songful richly melodious
  3. jungle an impenetrable equatorial forest
  4. junk pile an accumulation of refuse and discarded matter
  5. oenophile someone who appreciates wine
  6. long fly a gymnastic exercise involving a long leap from a vaulting horse
  7. ungainly lacking grace in movement or posture
  8. wrongful not just or fair
  9. round file a file with a circular cross section
  10. angrily with rage
  11. ungodly characterized by iniquity
  12. young girl a girl or young woman who is unmarried
  13. jugful the quantity contained in a jug
  14. jungly overgrown with tropical vegetation
  15. uncoil unwind or untwist
  16. ungual of or relating to a nail or claw or hoof
  17. unveil make visible
  18. wangle accomplishing something by scheming or trickery
  19. Longfellow United States poet remembered for his long narrative poems
  20. wrongfully in an unjust or unfair manner

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