1. yellow bunting European bunting the male being bright yellow
  2. wall painting a painting that is applied to a wall surface
  3. oil painting a picture painted with oil paints
  4. impending close in time; about to occur
  5. illuminating tending to increase knowledge or dissipate ignorance
  6. snow bunting white Arctic bunting
  7. abounding existing in abundance
  8. male bonding the formation of a close personal relationship between men
  9. impounding placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law
  10. yellowfin tuna may reach 400 pounds; worldwide in tropics
  11. expounding a systematic interpretation or explanation (usually written) of a specific topic
  12. spellbinding attracting and holding interest
  13. reed bunting European bunting inhabiting marshy areas
  14. yellow-banded having yellow bands
  15. alienating causing hostility or loss of friendliness
  16. accounting a system that gives quantitative information about finances
  17. well-being a contented state of happiness, health, and prosperity
  18. yellow-blindness a form of dichromacy characterized by lowered sensitivity to yellow light; so rare that its existence has been questioned
  19. unbending incapable of adapting or changing to meet circumstances
  20. wellbeing a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous