1. worldly possessions all the property that someone possess
  2. worldly possession a commodity or good associated with the earthly, rather than the spiritual, existence of human beings
  3. actual possession (law) immediate and direct physical control over property
  4. illegal possession possession of controlled substances
  5. worldly belongings all the property that someone possess
  6. worldliness the quality of being intellectually sophisticated
  7. word processing rapid and efficient processing (storage and printing) of linguistic data for composition and editing
  8. worldly concern the concerns of this life as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife
  9. worldly goods all the property that someone possess
  10. criminal possession (law) possession for which criminal sanctions are provided because the property may not lawfully be possessed or may not be possessed under certain circumstances
  11. worldly-wise experienced in and wise to the ways of the world
  12. self-possession the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior
  13. World Series series that constitutes the playoff for the baseball championship
  14. faultlessness the quality of being without an error or fault
  15. dispossession the expulsion of someone (such as a tenant) from the possession of land by process of law
  16. prepossession an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence
  17. quarter sessions a local court with criminal jurisdiction and sometimes administrative functions
  18. repossession the action of regaining possession
  19. material possession property or belongings that are tangible
  20. tangible possession property or belongings that are tangible

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