1. freight train a railroad train consisting of freight cars
  2. front-runner a competitor thought likely to win
  3. food turner cooking utensil having a flat flexible part and a long handle; used for turning or serving food
  4. Link trainer an early form of flight simulator
  5. worsted yarn a tightly twisted woolen yarn spun from long-staple wool
  6. fruit drink a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice
  7. orchid tree small East Indian tree having orchid-like flowers and hard dark wood
  8. animal trainer one who trains or exhibits animals
  9. restrainer a person who directs and restrains
  10. Iraqi dinar the basic unit of money in Iraq; equal to 1,000 fils
  11. order Anura frogs, toads, tree toads
  12. work to rule a job action in which workers cause a slowdown by doing only the minimum amount required by the rules of the workplace
  13. corkwood tree very small deciduous dioecious tree or shrub of damp habitats in southeastern United States having extremely light wood
  14. road runner someone who participates in long-distance races
  15. Fructidor twelfth month of the Revolutionary calendar
  16. corrugated iron usually galvanized sheet iron or sheet steel shaped into straight parallel ridges and hollows
  17. arcuate artery curved artery in the foot
  18. Northerner an inhabitant of the North
  19. Turko-Tatar a subfamily of Altaic languages
  20. workout suit garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirt