1. woodworking vise a vise with jaws that are padded in order to hold lumber without denting it
  2. woodworking the craft of a carpenter: making things out of wood
  3. woodworking plane a carpenter's hand tool with an adjustable blade for smoothing or shaping wood
  4. working day a day on which work is done
  5. working dog any of several breeds of usually large powerful dogs bred to work as draft animals and guard and guide dogs
  6. working out developing in intricate and painstaking detail
  7. workings the internal mechanism of a device
  8. hydrokinetics study of fluids in motion
  9. working class a social class comprising those who do manual labor or work for wages
  10. metalworking vise a vise with two parallel iron jaws and a wide opening below
  11. working man an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
  12. turfing daisy low densely tufted perennial herb of Turkey having small white flowers; used as a ground cover in dry places; sometimes included in genus Matricaria
  13. strikingness the state of being salient
  14. no-parking zone a space where automobiles are not allowed to park
  15. working-class working for hourly wages rather than fixed salaries
  16. Three Kings' Day twelve days after Christmas
  17. order Ginkgoales coextensive with the family Ginkgoaceae: plants that first appeared in the Permian and now represented by a single surviving species; often included in Coniferales
  18. Friedrich Engels socialist who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx in 1848 (1820-1895)
  19. barking deer small Asian deer with small antlers and a cry like a bark
  20. working rule a rule that is adequate to permit work to be done