1. coyote brush widely spreading evergreen shrub of southwestern United States with flower heads in a leafy panicle
  2. wood thrush large thrush common in eastern American woodlands
  3. underbrush the brush growing beneath taller trees in a wood or forest
  4. Wooden Horse a large hollow wooden figure of a horse (filled with Greek soldiers) left by the Greeks outside Troy during the Trojan War
  5. Edinburgh the capital of Scotland
  6. toothbrush small brush; has long handle; used to clean teeth
  7. wooden shoe a shoe carved from a single block of wood
  8. cotton rush any sedge of the genus Eriophorum
  9. rotten borough an English parliamentary constituency with few electors
  10. woodenware ware for domestic use made of wood
  11. Western birch birch of western United States resembling the paper birch but having brownish bark
  12. ocean perch North Atlantic rockfish
  13. bud brush a perennial that is valuable as sheep forage in the United States
  14. downy birch European birch with dull white to pale brown bark and somewhat drooping hairy branches
  15. Oldenburg United States sculptor
  16. paintbrush a brush used as an applicator (to apply paint)
  17. water thrush brownish North American warbler found near streams
  18. bottlebrush a cylindrical brush on a thin shaft that is used to clean bottles
  19. oven broil cook under a broiler
  20. jodhpur shoe a short riding boot that fastens with a buckle at the side

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