1. perseverance the act of continuing or repeating
  2. long-suffering patiently bearing continual wrongs or trouble
  3. omniscient knowing, seeing, or understanding everything
  4. James Franck United States physicist (born in Germany) who with Gustav Hertz performed an electron scattering experiment that proved the existence of the stationary energy states postulated by Niels Bohr (1882-1964)
  5. suffering feelings of mental or physical pain
  6. answering replying
  7. unwavering marked by firm determination or resolution
  8. infringe advance beyond the usual limit
  9. woman's clothing clothing that is designed for women to wear
  10. mainspring the most important spring in a mechanical device
  11. sense of hearing the ability to hear; the auditory faculty
  12. uncovering the act of discovering something
  13. rights offering an offering of common stock to existing shareholders who hold subscription rights or pre-emptive rights that entitle them to buy newly issued shares at a discount from the price at which they will be offered to the public later
  14. peace offering something offered to an adversary in the hope of obtaining peace
  15. thank offering an offering made as an expression of thanks
  16. offering something put forward for acceptance
  17. unfearing invulnerable to fear or intimidation
  18. pheno-safranine a purplish red water-soluble dye used in microscopy
  19. persevering quietly and steadily persevering especially in detail or exactness
  20. meandering of a path e.g.