1. winter solstice December 22, when the sun is at its southernmost point
  2. interstice small opening between things
  3. interscholastic used of competition or cooperation between secondary schools
  4. enterolithiasis the presence of calculi in the intestines
  5. interspecies arising or occurring between species
  6. summer solstice June 21, when the sun is at its northernmost point
  7. interesting catching or holding your attention
  8. universalistic of or relating to or tending toward universalism
  9. Anders Celsius Swedish astronomer who devised the centigrade thermometer
  10. interlaced having a pattern of fretwork or latticework
  11. intraspecies arising or occurring within a species
  12. Winter Olympics an Olympics for winter sports
  13. interest a sense of concern with and curiosity about something
  14. internasal suture the suture between the two nasal bones
  15. erythroblastosis a blood disease characterized by the abnormal presence of erythroblasts in the blood
  16. Centaurea solstitialis European weed having a winged stem and hairy leaves
  17. interested showing curiosity or fascination or concern
  18. interestedness the state of being interested
  19. interstitial of or relating to small spaces between things
  20. enteroptosis an abnormally downward position of the intestines in the abdominal cavity