1. winter solstice December 22, when the sun is at its southernmost point
  2. interstice small opening between things
  3. interscholastic used of competition or cooperation between secondary schools
  4. introspective given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences
  5. summer solstice June 21, when the sun is at its northernmost point
  6. internasal suture the suture between the two nasal bones
  7. universalistic of or relating to or tending toward universalism
  8. interest a sense of concern with and curiosity about something
  9. interspecies arising or occurring between species
  10. interlaced having a pattern of fretwork or latticework
  11. wanderlust very strong or irresistible impulse to travel
  12. joint resolution a resolution passed by both houses of Congress which becomes legally binding when signed by the Chief Executive (or passed over the Chief Executive's veto)
  13. interstate of relations between individual divisions of a country
  14. internalize incorporate within oneself; make subjective or personal
  15. universalist of or relating to or tending toward universalism
  16. interested showing curiosity or fascination or concern
  17. interesting catching or holding your attention
  18. intraspecies arising or occurring within a species
  19. interoceptive of or relating to interoception
  20. hunter's sauce brown sauce and tomato puree with onions and mushrooms and dry white wine