1. ingenuity the power of creative imagination
  2. wing nut any tree of the genus Pterocarya
  3. ingenuous lacking in sophistication or worldliness
  4. wing-nut any tree of the genus Pterocarya
  5. incognito without revealing one's identity
  6. incandesce cause to become incandescent or glow
  7. engender call forth
  8. king nut hickory of the eastern United States resembling the shagbark but having a much larger nut
  9. Syngnathus type genus of the family Syngnathidae
  10. encounter come together
  11. viscountess a wife or widow of a viscount
  12. unguent preparation applied externally as a remedy or for soothing
  13. unkindness lack of sympathy
  14. Ignatius bishop of Antioch who was martyred under the Roman Emperor Trajan (died 110)
  15. ungentle not of the nobility
  16. wingless lacking wings
  17. congenital present at birth but not necessarily hereditary
  18. unknot become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers or threads of
  19. viscountcy the title of a viscount
  20. Erignathus bearded seals

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