1. wild sage Eurasian sage with blue flowers and foliage like verbena
  2. wood sage European germander with one-sided racemes of yellow flowers
  3. white sage perennial cottony-white herb of southwestern United States
  4. ill-usage cruel or inhumane treatment
  5. wild ass any of several equine mammals of Asia and northeast Africa
  6. wild dog any of various undomesticated mammals of the family Canidae that are thought to resemble domestic dogs as distinguished from jackals or wolves
  7. wild fig a strangler tree native to southern Florida and West Indies
  8. old age a late time of life
  9. wilding a wild uncultivated plant
  10. wilde dagga relatively nontoxic South African herb smoked like tobacco
  11. wild spurge common perennial United States spurge having showy white petallike bracts
  12. wild peach large much-branched shrub grown primarily for its evergreen foliage
  13. wild senna North American perennial herb
  14. wild duck an undomesticated duck (especially a mallard)
  15. wild leek coarse Old World perennial having a large bulb and tall stalk of greenish purple-tinged flowers; widely naturalized
  16. wind sock a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast
  17. wild orange small flowering evergreen tree of southern United States
  18. Wild West the western United States during its frontier period
  19. old sledge a form of all fours in which a total of seven points is game
  20. windsock a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

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