1. wild licorice European perennial
  2. wild liquorice European perennial
  3. wild rice perennial aquatic grass of North America bearing grain used for food
  4. wild wilkworm larva of a saturniid moth
  5. wild oat grass common in meadows and pastures
  6. wild horse undomesticated or feral domestic horse
  7. alkali grass plant of western North America having grasslike leaves and greenish-white flowers
  8. filthy lucre shameful profit
  9. allegorize interpret as an allegory
  10. edulcorate make sweeter in taste
  11. wild card a playing card whose value can be determined by the person who holds it
  12. wild crocus short hairy perennial with early spring blue-violet or lilac flowers; North America and Siberia
  13. wild carrot a widely naturalized Eurasian herb with finely cut foliage and white compound umbels of small white or yellowish flowers and thin yellowish roots
  14. allegorise interpret as an allegory
  15. licorice deep-rooted plant cultivated for its long thick sweet roots
  16. wild crab wild crab apple native to Europe
  17. windmill grass perennial Australian grass having numerous long spikes arranged like the vanes of a windmill
  18. wild cherry an uncultivated cherry tree
  19. wildlife all living things (except people) that are undomesticated
  20. wild leek coarse Old World perennial having a large bulb and tall stalk of greenish purple-tinged flowers; widely naturalized

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