1. whole to part relation the semantic relation that holds between a whole and its parts
  2. multiple correlation a statistical technique that predicts values of one variable on the basis of two or more other variables
  3. political relation social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power
  4. abarticulation dislocation of a joint
  5. indirect correlation a correlation in which large values of one variable are associated with small values of the other; the correlation coefficient is between 0 and -1
  6. temporal relation a relation involving time
  7. doctor-patient relation the responsibility of a physician to act in the best interests of the patient
  8. fiduciary relation the legal relation that exists when one person justifiably places reliance on another whose aid or protection is sought in some matter
  9. loan participation a loan that is shared by a group of banks that join to make a loan too big for any one of them alone
  10. fourfold point correlation an index of the relation between any two sets of scores that can both be represented on ordered binary dimensions (e.g., male-female)
  11. conservator-ward relation the responsibility of a conservator to act in the best interests of the ward
  12. partner relation the responsibility of partners to act in one another's best interests
  13. blood relation one related by blood or origin
  14. interrelation mutual or reciprocal relation or relatedness
  15. anaphoric relation the relation between an anaphor and its antecedent
  16. magnitude relation a relation between magnitudes
  17. nurse-patient relation the responsibility of a nurse to act in the best interests of the patient
  18. academic relation a professional relation between instructors and those they instruct
  19. whole wheat bread bread made with whole wheat flour
  20. bank-depositor relation the responsibility of a bank to act in the best interests of the depositors

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