1. white oak any of numerous Old World and American oaks having 6 to 8 stamens in each floret, acorns that mature in one year and leaf veins that never extend beyond the margin of the leaf
  2. Whitweek Christian holiday; the week beginning on Whitsunday
  3. wide-awake fully awake
  4. white book a government report; bound in white
  5. white cake cake made without egg yolks
  6. whitecap a wave that is blown by the wind so its crest is broken and appears white
  7. Ithaki a Greek island to the west of Greece
  8. white sage perennial cottony-white herb of southwestern United States
  9. water oak relatively tall deciduous water oak of southeastern United States often cultivated as a shade tree; thrives in wet soil
  10. white leg painful thrombosis of the femoral vein in the leg following childbirth
  11. white-out lose daylight visibility in heavy fog, snow, or rain
  12. white out cover up with a liquid correction fluid
  13. white yam grown in Australasia and Polynesia for its large root with fine edible white flesh
  14. whitewood light easily worked wood of a tulip tree
  15. White Tai a branch of the Tai languages
  16. whitecup prostrate woody South American herb with white tubular flowers often tinged with blue or rose
  17. whiteout an arctic atmospheric condition with clouds over snow produce a uniform whiteness and objects are difficult to see; occurs when the light reflected off the snow equals the light coming through the clouds
  18. outtake a scene that is filmed but is not used in the final editing of the film
  19. white heat the hotness of something heated until it turns white
  20. white hope someone expected to achieve great success in a given field

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