1. agnostic a person who claims the existence of God is unknowable
  2. cleistogamous exhibiting or relating to cleistogamy
  3. Albert Camus French writer who portrayed the human condition as isolated in an absurd world (1913-1960)
  4. Opisthocomus type genus of the Opisthocomidae: hoatzins
  5. nystagmus involuntary movements of the eyeballs
  6. endogamous characterized by or fit for fertilization by pollen from another flower of the same kind
  7. when the time comes at the appropriate time
  8. in stages a little bit at a time
  9. genus Odocoileus North American deer
  10. family Nostocaceae blue-green algae
  11. Burhinus oedicnemus large-headed large-eyed crepuscular or nocturnal shorebird of the Old World and tropical America having a thickened knee joint
  12. anastigmat compound lens or lens system designed to be free of astigmatism and able to form approximately point images
  13. Selene setapinnis any of several silvery marine fishes with very flat bodies
  14. Hellenistic relating to or characteristic of the classical Greek civilization
  15. instigate provoke or stir up
  16. woman's doctor a specialist in gynecology
  17. Hellenistical relating to or characteristic of the classical Greek civilization
  18. genus Atticus atlas moth
  19. genus Tagetes marigolds
  20. wellness a healthy state of wellbeing free from disease