1. wedding present a present given to someone getting married
  2. omnipresent existing everywhere at once
  3. voting precinct one of several districts into which a city or town is divided for voting; each contains one polling place
  4. wedding license a license authorizing two people to marry
  5. wedding licence a license authorizing two people to marry
  6. wedding party a party of people at a wedding
  7. wedding dress a gown worn by the bride at a wedding
  8. wedding band a ring given to the bride at the wedding
  9. wedding chest chest for storage of clothing (trousseau) and household goods in anticipation of marriage
  10. wedding guest a guest at a wedding
  11. wedding reception a reception for wedding guests held after the wedding
  12. omnipresence the state of being everywhere at once
  13. wedding ceremony the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed
  14. encopresis involuntary defecation not attributable to physical defects or illness
  15. bedding plant an ornamental plant suitable for planting in a flowerbed
  16. wedding ring a ring given to the bride at the wedding
  17. at present at the present moment
  18. ten percent a tenth part; one part in ten equal parts
  19. antidepressant a drug used to treat feelings of being extremely unhappy
  20. conscientious characterized by extreme care and great effort