1. wearing apparel clothing in general
  2. firing party a squad formed to fire volleys at a military funeral or to carry out a military execution
  3. orange peel the rind of an orange
  4. wedding party a party of people at a wedding
  5. hearing-impaired having a hearing loss
  6. working party a group of people working together temporarily until some goal is achieved
  7. frangible capable of being broken
  8. bearing brass a brass bushing or a lining for a bearing
  9. French people the people of France
  10. Wernicke's area the auditory word center
  11. drawing board a smooth board on which paper is placed for making drawings
  12. wading bird any of many long-legged birds that wade in water in search of food
  13. wearing away the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down
  14. airing cupboard a warm cupboard where you put newly washed clothes until they are completely dry
  15. drawing power the capacity for attracting people (customers or supporters)
  16. warning bell a bell used to sound an alarm
  17. frangipane pastry with a creamy almond-flavored filling
  18. ironing board narrow padded board on collapsible supports
  19. French bread a crusty sourdough bread often baked in long slender tapered loaves or baguettes
  20. orange-brown of brown tinged with orange

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