1. arccos the inverse function of the cosine
  2. argosy one or more large merchant ships
  3. Arachis a genus of plants with pods that ripen underground
  4. earwax a soft yellow wax secreted by glands in the ear canal
  5. arcus a whitish deposit in the shape of an arc that is sometimes seen in the cornea
  6. Argos an ancient city in southeastern Greece
  7. fractious easily irritated or annoyed
  8. workhouse a poorhouse where able-bodied poor are compelled to labor
  9. archaize give an archaic appearance of character to
  10. fructose a simple sugar found in honey and in many ripe fruits
  11. aurochs large recently extinct long-horned European wild ox
  12. war cry a yell intended to rally a group of soldiers in battle
  13. verrucose covered with warts or projections that resemble warts
  14. Yerkes United States psychologist who studied the intelligence of primates (1876-1956)
  15. argus large brilliantly patterned East Indian pheasant
  16. Orcus god of the underworld; counterpart of Greek Pluto
  17. varicose abnormally swollen or knotty
  18. works performance of moral or religious acts
  19. Argus a giant with 100 eyes
  20. war god a god worshipped as giving victory in war

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