1. woefully in an unfortunate or deplorable manner
  2. fellow a boy or man
  3. Wavell British field marshal in North Africa in World War II
  4. wifely befitting or characteristic of a wife
  5. woeful affected by or full of grief or sadness
  6. workfellow an associate that one works with
  7. fallow left unplowed and unseeded during a growing season
  8. follow travel behind, go after, or come after
  9. wallow roll around
  10. willow any of numerous deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Salix
  11. waffle pancake batter baked in an iron
  12. weevil any of several families of mostly small beetles that feed on plants and plant products; especially snout beetles and seed beetles
  13. Wiffle (trademark) a hollow plastic ball with cutouts
  14. way of life a course of conduct
  15. bedfellow a person with whom you share a bed
  16. felloe rim (or part of the rim) into which spokes are inserted
  17. odd fellow someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group
  18. playfellow a companion at play
  19. Wolffiella minute rootless aquatic herbs having flat fronds floating on or below the water surface and bearing 1-2 flowers per frond; America and Africa
  20. vowel a speech sound made with the vocal tract open

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