1. differentiator a person who (or that which) differentiates
  2. dedifferentiated having experienced or undergone dedifferentiation or the loss of specialization in form or function
  3. dedifferentiate lose specialization in form or function
  4. differentiate acquire a distinct character
  5. undifferentiated not differentiated
  6. differentiated made different or shown to be different
  7. dedifferentiation the loss of specialization in form or function
  8. indifferent marked by a lack of interest
  9. put differently otherwise stated
  10. differentiation a discrimination between things as distinct
  11. different unlike in nature, quality, form, or degree
  12. vasa efferentia the several highly convoluted tubules that lead from the rete testis to the vas deferens and form the head of the epididymis
  13. differential a quality that distinguishes between similar things
  14. initiative readiness to embark on bold new ventures
  15. fetal monitor an electronic monitor that monitors fetal heartbeat and the mother's uterine contractions during childbirth
  16. differentially in a differential manner
  17. differentiable capable of being perceived as different
  18. differentia distinguishing characteristics
  19. indifferently with indifference; in an indifferent manner
  20. partial differential equation a differential equation involving a functions of more than one variable