1. visual sensation the perceptual experience of seeing
  2. visualisation a mental image that is similar to a visual perception
  3. visualization a mental image that is similar to optical perception
  4. taste sensation the sensation that results when taste buds in the tongue and throat convey information about the chemical composition of a soluble stimulus
  5. visual sense the ability to see; the visual faculty
  6. tactual sensation the faculty of perceiving pressure or heat or pain
  7. desalinisation the removal of salt (especially from sea water)
  8. vulcanisation process of treating rubber or rubberlike materials with sulphur at great heat to improve elasticity and strength or to harden them
  9. visual perception perception by means of the eyes
  10. dispensation the act of giving out in portions
  11. painful sensation a somatic sensation of acute discomfort
  12. visual hallucination illusory visual perception
  13. desalinization the removal of salt, especially from sea water
  14. vulcanization the process of treating rubber with heat to strengthen it
  15. solemnisation the public performance of a sacrament or solemn ceremony with all appropriate ritual
  16. fossilisation the process of fossilizing a plant or animal that existed in some earlier age; the process of being turned to stone
  17. pressure sensation the somatic sensation that results from applying force to an area of skin
  18. tactile sensation the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin
  19. visual communication communication that relies on vision
  20. sensation an awareness of some type of stimulation