1. visibleness quality or fact or degree of being visible
  2. visible spectrum the distribution of colors produced when light is dispersed by a prism
  3. visible horizon the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet
  4. visible speech spectrogram of speech; speech displayed spectrographically
  5. visible balance the difference in value over a period of time of a country's imports and exports of merchandise
  6. sable brush an artist's brush made of sable hairs
  7. Vespula vulgaris a variety of vespid wasp
  8. spill the beans divulge confidential information or secrets
  9. visible light (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation
  10. displaced person a person forced to flee from home or country
  11. feasibleness the quality of being doable
  12. visible radiation (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation
  13. debris the remains of something that has been destroyed
  14. reversible process any process in which a system can be made to pass through the same states in the reverse order when the process is reversed
  15. feasible capable of being done with means at hand
  16. visibility quality or degree of being able to be seen
  17. family Tuberaceae family of fungi whose ascocarps resemble tubers and vary in size from that of an acorn to that of a large apple
  18. hubris overbearing pride or presumption
  19. viola da braccio a member of the viol family with approximately the range of a viola
  20. visible capable of being seen or open to easy view