1. vitality the property of being able to survive and grow
  2. fertility the state of being capable of producing offspring
  3. virtually in essence or in effect but not in fact
  4. virtuosity great technical skill, fluency, or style
  5. mortality the quality or state of being subject to death
  6. virtual being actually such in almost every respect
  7. verticality position at right angles to the horizon
  8. virtue the quality of doing what is right
  9. fidelity the quality of being faithful
  10. brutality the trait of extreme cruelty
  11. factuality the quality of being actual or based on fact
  12. frugality prudence in avoiding waste
  13. cordiality a politely warm and friendly disposition or attitude
  14. versatility having a wide variety of skills
  15. formality a requirement of etiquette or custom
  16. fatality the quality of being able to cause death
  17. spirituality concern with matters of the soul
  18. graduality the quality of being gradual or of coming about by gradual stages
  19. fortuity anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause
  20. futility uselessness as a consequence of having no practical result

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