1. Wavell British field marshal in North Africa in World War II
  2. weevil any of several families of mostly small beetles that feed on plants and plant products; especially snout beetles and seed beetles
  3. wifely befitting or characteristic of a wife
  4. Wiffle (trademark) a hollow plastic ball with cutouts
  5. novel an extended fictional work in prose
  6. vivid having striking color
  7. navel a scar where the umbilical cord was attached
  8. vial a small bottle that contains a drug
  9. vile morally reprehensible
  10. gavel a small mallet used by a presiding officer or a judge
  11. ravel disentangle
  12. waffle pancake batter baked in an iron
  13. woeful affected by or full of grief or sadness
  14. revel take delight in
  15. Ravel French composer and exponent of Impressionism (1875-1937)
  16. Havel Czech dramatist and statesman whose plays opposed totalitarianism and who served as president of Czechoslovakia from 1989 to 1992 and president of the Czech Republic since 1993 (born in 1936)
  17. civil of or occurring between or among citizens of the state
  18. vessel an object used as a container, especially for liquids
  19. revival bringing again into activity and prominence
  20. vividly in a vivid manner

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