Veracity sounds like some kind of disease you don't want to catch, but in fact, it means truthfulness. If you question the veracity of a statement or story, you wonder whether it is truthful or accurate.

Veracity is linked to the adjective veracious or "truthful." But don't confuse veracious with voracious. A voracious person eats very large amounts of food. If you were veracious, or "truthful," you'd tell them they look fat.

Definitions of veracity
  1. noun
    unwillingness to tell lies
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    the tendency to be untruthful
    type of:
    the quality of being truthful
Commonly confused words

veracious / voracious

Voracious describes someone super hungry, like a zombie or a wolf. A voracious appetite makes you want to eat a whole cake. Veracious (with an "e") means truthful, as in a veracious first president who cannot tell a lie.

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