1. fecklessness worthlessness due to being feeble and ineffectual
  2. vocalist a person who sings
  3. necklace tree a tree of the genus Ormosia having seeds used as beads
  4. Cleistes terrestrial orchids of North and South America having slender fibrous roots; allied to genus Pogonia
  5. Weil's disease a severe form of leptospirosis in human beings
  6. Clausewitz Prussian general and military theorist who proposed a doctrine of total war and war as an extension of diplomacy (1780-1831)
  7. meticulous marked by precise accordance with details
  8. family Hostaceae one of many families or subfamilies into which some classification systems subdivide the Liliaceae but not widely accepted; includes genus Hosta
  9. Widal's test a test for detecting typhoid fever and other salmonella infections
  10. family Isoetaceae quillworts; coextensive with the genus Isoetes
  11. meticulousness strict attention to minute details
  12. glossitis inflammation of the tongue
  13. Hippoglossoides a genus of Pleuronectidae
  14. lackluster not having brilliance or vitality
  15. canicular days the hot period between early July and early September
  16. viscoelastic having viscous as well as elastic properties
  17. recalcitrance the trait of being unmanageable or uncooperative
  18. fecklessly with ineptitude; in an incompetent manner
  19. cloze test a test for diagnosing reading ability
  20. Caenolestes type genus of the family Caenolestidae

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