1. vascular tissue tissue that conducts water and nutrients through the plant body in higher plants
  2. muscular tissue animal tissue consisting predominantly of contractile cells
  3. vascularise become vascular and have vessels that circulate fluids
  4. vascularize become vascular and have vessels that circulate fluids
  5. vascularity the property being vascular
  6. vasculitis inflammation of a blood vessel
  7. Phascolarctos koalas
  8. scar tissue the connective tissue that forms a scar
  9. vesiculitis inflammation of a seminal vesicle
  10. facial tissue tissue paper suitable for use on the face
  11. muscular tonus normal tonicity of the muscles
  12. vascular bundle a unit strand of the vascular system in stems and leaves of higher plants consisting essentially of xylem and phloem
  13. vascular system the vessels and tissue that carry or circulate fluids such as blood or lymph or sap through the body of an animal or plant
  14. vascular ray a sheet of vascular tissue separating the vascular bundles
  15. secularise make secular and draw away from a religious orientation
  16. vascular relating to vessels that conduct and circulate fluids
  17. vascular spider a dilation of superficial capillaries with a central red dot from which blood vessels radiate
  18. areolar tissue fibrous connective tissue with the fibers arranged in a mesh or net
  19. Fistulariidae cornetfishes
  20. discolorise remove color from

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