1. liege subject a person holding a fief
  2. objective the goal intended to be attained
  3. subjective taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias
  4. subject some situation or event that is thought about
  5. indirect object the object that is the recipient or beneficiary of the action of the verb
  6. short subject a brief film; often shown prior to showing the feature
  7. sex object any person regarded simply as an object of sexual gratification
  8. abject of the most contemptible kind
  9. expect regard something as probable or likely
  10. unicuspid having a single cusp or point
  11. unexpected not anticipated or planned for
  12. direct object the object that receives the direct action of the verb
  13. interject speak abruptly, especially as an interruption
  14. inexpedient not suitable or advisable
  15. unexpressed not made explicit
  16. unexpurgated not having material deleted
  17. unexplored not yet discovered
  18. inquest an investigation into the cause of an unexpected death
  19. unexpended not used up
  20. unquestioned generally agreed upon; not subject to dispute