1. artificially not according to nature; not by natural means
  2. artificial contrived by art rather than nature
  3. artificiality the quality of being produced by people and not occurring naturally
  4. unofficially without official authorization
  5. interfacial relating to or situated at an interface
  6. unrighteously in an unrighteous manner
  7. unofficial not having official authority or sanction
  8. unifacial having but one principal or specialized surface
  9. interracially by race
  10. unscientifically in an unscientific way
  11. ungratefully in an ungrateful manner
  12. artificial lake lake used to store water for community use
  13. unretrievable impossible to recover or recoup or overcome
  14. unratified lacking legal authority
  15. artificer a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
  16. artfully in an artful manner
  17. artifice a deceptive maneuver, especially to avoid capture
  18. superficially in a superficial manner
  19. anarchically in a lawless rebellious manner
  20. unoriginally in an unoriginal manner

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