1. appreciate be fully aware of; realize fully
  2. unbrushed (of hair or clothing) not brushed
  3. unappreciated having value that is not acknowledged
  4. unreached inaccessibly located or situated
  5. unabashed not embarrassed
  6. unprovoked occurring without motivation or incitement
  7. unbranched without branches
  8. unabridged not shortened by condensing or rewriting
  9. unappareled having removed clothing
  10. unbleached not artificially colored or bleached
  11. unapproachable reserved and discouraging intimacies
  12. approach move towards
  13. unproved not proved
  14. unbraced without braces or props
  15. unappreciative not feeling or expressing gratitude
  16. unburnished of metals e.g.; not made shiny and smooth by friction
  17. inebriated stupefied or excited by a chemical substance
  18. unpolished not carefully reworked or perfected or made smooth by polishing
  19. unapparent not readily apparent
  20. unpunished not punished

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