Umber is a dark brown or reddish-brown pigment that is found in certain minerals. Ever since humans started creating art, they've been using umber.

Pigments are the shades of color that painters and other artists use, and when they occur naturally, they're called earth pigments. Umber falls into this category — its rich, deep brown shade comes directly from minerals (raw umber) or from minerals heated to a darker shade (burnt umber). Today, oil painters still use umber when they need a fast-drying brown pigment. Umber gets its name from a region in Italy where it's common, Umbria.

Definitions of umber
  1. noun
    an earth pigment
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    raw umber
    greenish brown pigment
    burnt umber
    dark brown pigment obtained by heating umber
    type of:
    earth color
    a colored mineral used as a pigment
  2. noun
    a medium brown to dark-brown color
    synonyms: burnt umber, chocolate, coffee, deep brown
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    type of:
    brown, brownness
    an orange of low brightness and saturation
  3. adjective
    of the color of any of various natural brown earth pigments
    being, having, or characterized by hue
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