1. typhoid bacteriophage a bacteriophage specific for the bacterium Salmonella typhi
  2. bacteriophage a virus that is parasitic (reproduces itself) in bacteria
  3. Thiobacteriaceae free-living coccoid to rod-shaped bacteria that derive energy from oxidizing sulfur or sulfur compounds
  4. character a property that defines the individual nature of something
  5. bacteriophagic of or relating to bacteriophages
  6. thiobacteria any bacterium of the genus Thiobacillus
  7. Lactobacteriaceae lactic acid bacteria and important pathogens
  8. typographic relating to or occurring or used in typography
  9. bacteriophagous of or relating to bacteriophages
  10. bacteriology the branch of medical science that studies bacteria in relation to disease
  11. topographic relating to the natural and artificial features of the land
  12. subterfuge something intended to misrepresent the nature of an activity
  13. antibacterial destroying or inhibiting microscopic living organisms
  14. true bacteria a large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls
  15. diamondback terrapin of marshes along Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of United States
  16. typhoid bacillus a form of salmonella that causes typhoid fever
  17. picturesque suggesting or suitable for an artistic composition
  18. Mycobacteriaceae a family of bacteria
  19. Myxobacteriaceae bacteria living mostly in soils and on dung
  20. catastrophic extremely harmful; bringing physical or financial ruin