1. derecognize cause to be no longer approved or accepted
  2. derecognise cause to be no longer approved or accepted
  3. disorganize remove the organization from
  4. disorganise remove the organization from
  5. recognize perceive to be the same
  6. type genus genus from which the name of a family or subfamily is formed
  7. recognise perceive to be the same
  8. talipes equinus talipes in which the toes are pointed downward
  9. type species (biology) the species that best exemplifies the essential characteristics of the genus to which it belongs
  10. tape record record with a tape recorder
  11. disorganized lacking order or methodical arrangement or function
  12. tree surgeon a specialist in treating damaged trees
  13. Lepus americanus large large-footed North American hare; white in winter
  14. resurgence bringing again into activity and prominence
  15. typesetter's case (printing) the receptacle in which a compositor has his type, which is divided into compartments for the different letters, spaces, or numbers
  16. talipes calcaneus talipes in which the toes are pointed upward and the person walks on the heel of the foot
  17. genus Argynnis fritillaries
  18. Tetragoniaceae succulent herbs or small shrubs mostly of South Africa but also New Zealand and North America: carpetweeds; fig marigolds
  19. genus Leucogenes New Zealand edelweiss
  20. Americanize make American in character

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