1. dissever separate into parts or portions
  2. deceiver someone who leads you to believe something that is not true
  3. decipher convert code into ordinary language
  4. thievery the act of taking something from someone unlawfully
  5. discovery the act of finding something
  6. voice over narration by an unseen speaker in a film or television show
  7. ice over become covered with a layer of ice
  8. thus far used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time
  9. deceive cause someone to believe an untruth
  10. delivery voluntary transfer of something from one party to another
  11. discover determine the existence, presence, or fact of
  12. receiver a person who receives something
  13. severe very harsh or strict, especially when dealing with others
  14. whatsoever one or some or every or all without specification
  15. twister a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground
  16. decipherer the kind of intellectual who converts messages from a code to plain text
  17. perseverance the act of continuing or repeating
  18. ice-free free of ice and open to travel
  19. dissolver a liquid substance capable of dissolving other substances
  20. persevere be persistent, refuse to stop