1. turn a trick have a customer, of a prostitute
  2. eccentric conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual
  3. dirty trick an unkind or aggressive trick
  4. Tantric of or relating to Tantrism
  5. Eurocentric focussed on Europe and the Europeans
  6. Trinitarian adherent of Trinitarianism
  7. return address the address of the sender of a letter or parcel indicating where it should be returned if it cannot be delivered
  8. dirty tricks underhand commercial or political behavior designed to discredit an opponent
  9. turn back go back to a previous state
  10. turn turtle overturn accidentally
  11. telocentric having the form of a straight rod because the centromere is in a terminal position
  12. card trick a trick performed with playing cards
  13. turn tail flee; take to one's heels; cut and run
  14. turncock faucet consisting of a rotating device for regulating flow of a liquid
  15. matricentric centered upon the mother
  16. patricentric centered upon the father
  17. trained worker a worker who has acquired special skills
  18. Dracaena draco tall tree of the Canary Islands; source of dragon's blood
  19. turnover the rate at which workers have to be replaced
  20. dominatrix a dominating woman

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