1. tube well a well made by driving a tube into the earth to a stratum that bears water
  2. tubule a small tube
  3. tupelo any of several gum trees of swampy areas of North America
  4. tubal of or relating to occurring in a tube such as e.g. the Fallopian tube or Eustachian tube
  5. Tupelo a town in northeast Mississippi
  6. T-bill a short-term obligation that is not interest-bearing
  7. double consisting of or involving two parts or components usually in pairs
  8. doubly twice the degree
  9. be well be healthy; feel good
  10. tubeless of a tire; not needing an inner tube
  11. double-u the 23rd letter of the Roman alphabet
  12. dumbbell an exercising weight held in one hand
  13. tubelike constituting a tube; having hollow tubes
  14. Terebella type genus of Terebellidae
  15. dwell inhabit or live in
  16. tubful the amount that a tub will hold
  17. Tarbell United States writer remembered for her muckraking investigations into industries in the early 20th century (1857-1944)
  18. tubercle small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant
  19. stubble short hairs growing on a man's face when he has not shaved
  20. trowel a small hand tool with a handle and metal blade