1. troublesomeness a difficulty that causes anxiety
  2. troublesome difficult to deal with
  3. transmittance the fraction of radiant energy that passes through a substance
  4. relative density the ratio of the density of something to the density of a standard
  5. double standard a code applying more strictly to one group than to another
  6. replacement the act of substituting one person or thing for another
  7. Dracunculus medinensis parasitic roundworm of India and Africa that lives in the abdomen or beneath the skin of humans and other vertebrates
  8. replacement cost current cost of replacing a fixed asset with a new one of equal effectiveness
  9. Desmodontidae true vampire bats
  10. tribal society a society with the social organization of a tribe
  11. toilsomeness the quality of requiring extended effort
  12. tripalmitin a triglyceride of palmitic acid
  13. trouble oneself take the trouble to do something; concern oneself
  14. treble damages three times the amount that a court would normally find the injured party entitled to
  15. ballroom dance any of a variety of social dances performed by couples in a ballroom
  16. double entendre a word or phrase with two meanings, one of which is indecent
  17. blessedness a state of supreme happiness
  18. troubleshooter a worker whose job is to locate and fix problems
  19. tiresomeness dullness owing to length or slowness
  20. thirty-something the time of life between 30 and 40