1. rocker arm a lever pivoted at the center
  2. trigram a word that is written with three letters in an alphabetic writing system
  3. trigger-happy irresponsible in the use of firearms
  4. trigger off put in motion or move to act
  5. triggerman a professional killer who uses a gun
  6. trichroism pleochroism of a crystal so that it exhibits three different colors when viewed from three different directions
  7. trigger lever that activates the firing mechanism of a gun
  8. triggerfish any of numerous compressed deep-bodied tropical fishes with sandpapery skin and erectile spines in the first dorsal fin
  9. trichrome having or involving three colors
  10. outrigger canoe a seagoing canoe (as in South Pacific) with an outrigger to prevent it from upsetting
  11. tiger shark large dangerous warm-water shark with striped or spotted body
  12. regular army a permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state
  13. track record the sum of recognized accomplishments
  14. vinegar worm minute eelworm that feeds on organisms that cause fermentation in e.g. vinegar
  15. trick or treat a request by children on Halloween
  16. trichromacy the normal ability to see colors
  17. dragger someone who pulls or tugs or drags in an effort to move something
  18. darkroom a place in which photographic film is developed
  19. digger wasp solitary wasp that digs nests in the soil and stocks them with paralyzed insects for the larvae
  20. order arms a position in the manual of arms