1. tremendously extremely
  2. tremendous extraordinarily large in extent or amount or power
  3. premenstrual of or relating to or occurring during the period just before menstruation
  4. tormentor someone who causes others to suffer
  5. Truman doctrine President Truman's policy of providing economic and military aid to any country threatened by communism or totalitarian ideology
  6. tremulously in a tremulous manner
  7. instrumental role the semantic role of the entity (usually inanimate) that the agent uses to perform an action or start a process
  8. detrimental causing harm or injury
  9. semantic role (linguistics) the underlying relation that a constituent has with the main verb in a clause
  10. terminator someone who exterminates
  11. Edmund Husserl German philosopher who developed phenomenology (1859-1938)
  12. common wood sorrel Eurasian plant with heart-shaped trifoliate leaves and white purple-veined flowers
  13. tormenter someone who torments
  14. premenopausal prior to menopause
  15. momentously in a momentous way
  16. remindful serving to bring to mind
  17. tenement house a run-down apartment house barely meeting minimal standards
  18. terminus a quo earliest limiting point
  19. promontory a natural elevation
  20. reminder a message that helps you remember something