1. tree swallow bluish-green-and-white North American swallow
  2. tree mallow arborescent perennial shrub having palmately lobed furry leaves and showy red-purple flowers; southwestern United States
  3. true seal any of several seals lacking external ear flaps and having a stiff hairlike coat with hind limbs reduced to swimming flippers
  4. tersely in a short and concise manner
  5. dorsally in a dorsal location or direction
  6. tarsal of or relating to or near the tarsus of the foot
  7. dorsal on or near the back of an animal or organ
  8. fairy swallow fancy domestic pigeon having blue-and-white plumage and heavily muffed feet
  9. drowsily in a drowsy manner
  10. dry cell a small Leclanche cell containing no free liquid
  11. disallow command against
  12. doorsill the sill of a door
  13. Torricelli Italian physicist who invented the mercury barometer
  14. tree sparrow Eurasian sparrow smaller than the house sparrow
  15. resolve find a solution or answer
  16. tree sloth any of several slow-moving arboreal mammals of South America and Central America; they hang from branches back downward and feed on leaves and fruits
  17. tiercel male hawk especially male peregrine or gyrfalcon
  18. tercel male hawk especially male peregrine or gyrfalcon
  19. drizzle very light rain
  20. trestle a supporting tower used to support a bridge