1. treble recorder a small fipple flute with four finger holes and two thumb holes
  2. tape recorder a magnetic recorder using magnetic tape
  3. tape-recorded recorded on tape
  4. wire recorder an early type of magnetic recorder using iron wire
  5. cerebellar artery an artery that supplies the cerebellum
  6. track record the sum of recognized accomplishments
  7. tape record record with a tape recorder
  8. temporal order arrangement of events in time
  9. prerecorded recorded at one time for transmission later
  10. large order a formidable task or requirement
  11. cassette recorder a recorder for recording or playing cassettes
  12. variable resistor resistor for regulating current
  13. troublemaker someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
  14. trouble maker someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
  15. multichannel recorder a recorder with two or more channels
  16. treble clef a clef that puts the G above middle C on the second line of a staff
  17. Doric order the oldest and simplest of the Greek orders and the only one that normally has no base
  18. magnetic recorder recorder consisting of equipment for making records on magnetic media
  19. recorder equipment for making records
  20. prerecord record before presentation, as of a broadcast

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