1. transmitting aerial an electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals
  2. transmitting the act of sending a message
  3. transmittance the fraction of radiant energy that passes through a substance
  4. transitive verb a verb that requires an object in order to be grammatical
  5. transmitter any agent that carries and transmits a disease
  6. transmission system the gears that transmit power from an automobile engine via the driveshaft to the live axle
  7. transaminase a class of transferases that catalyze transamination
  8. translating program a program that translates one programming language into another
  9. transmitted occurring among members of a family usually by heredity
  10. transient lasting a very short time
  11. transcendence the state of excelling or going beyond usual limits
  12. transmigrate be born anew in another body after death
  13. transmittable (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection
  14. transmogrify change completely the nature or appearance of
  15. soothing syrup medicine in the form of a syrup that has a calming effect
  16. resting spore a spore of certain algae or fungi that lies dormant
  17. transmission channel a path over which electrical signals can pass
  18. transitivise make transitive
  19. transgression the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle
  20. transmission shaft rotating shaft that transmits rotary motion from the engine to the differential