1. treading water a stroke that keeps the head above water by thrashing the legs and arms
  2. trading operations financial transactions at a brokerage
  3. trading stamp a token resembling a stamp given by a retailer to a buyer
  4. trading card a card with a picture on it
  5. trading post a retail store serving a sparsely populated region
  6. reading teacher someone who teaches students to read
  7. didactics the activities of educating or instructing
  8. parking ticket a ticket issued for parking in a restricted place
  9. Harding grass perennial grass of Australia and South Africa
  10. starting gate a movable barrier on the starting line of a race course
  11. breathing device a device that facilitates breathing in cases of respiratory failure
  12. spreading factor an enzyme (trade name Hyazyme) that splits hyaluronic acid and so lowers its viscosity and increases the permeability of connective tissue and the absorption of fluids
  13. riding breeches flared trousers ending at the calves; worn with riding boots
  14. speeding ticket a ticket issued for driving above the speed limit
  15. architectonics the science of architecture
  16. bathing trunks swimsuit worn by men while swimming
  17. bring together cause to become joined or linked
  18. reading clinic a clinic for people with reading disabilities
  19. training table planned meals for athletes in training
  20. drawing table a worktable with adjustable top

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