1. tracheitis inflammation of the trachea
  2. tricuspidate having three cusps or points (especially a molar tooth)
  3. Trichechus manatus sirenian mammal of tropical coastal waters of America
  4. Tareekh e Kasas an organization of Muslims in India who killed Hindus in September 2002; believed to have ties with Muslim terrorists in Pakistan
  5. Trachinotus a genus of Carangidae
  6. tricuspid having three cusps or points (especially a molar tooth)
  7. tract house one of many houses of similar design constructed together on a tract of land
  8. track star a star runner
  9. Trichechus type and sole genus of the Trichechidae
  10. track event a footrace performed on a track (indoor or outdoor)
  11. take exception raise a formal objection in a court of law
  12. Tetragonia expansa coarse sprawling Australasian plant with red or yellow flowers; cultivated for its edible young shoots and succulent leaves
  13. tracheostomy a surgical operation that creates an opening into the trachea with a tube inserted to provide a passage for air; performed when the pharynx is obstructed by edema or cancer or other causes
  14. truck garden a farm where vegetables are grown for market
  15. art exhibition an exhibition of art objects (paintings or statues)
  16. Trachipterus type genus of the Trachipteridae
  17. back exercise exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles
  18. drag coefficient the ratio of the drag on a body moving through air to the product of the velocity and the surface area of the body
  19. track meet a track and field competition between two or more teams
  20. dark-spotted having dark spots

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