1. topological space (mathematics) any set of points that satisfy a set of postulates of some kind
  2. biological science the science that studies living organisms
  3. pathological state a physical condition that is caused by disease
  4. topologically from the point of view of topology
  5. zoological science the branch of biology that studies animals
  6. topological of or relating to topology
  7. pleural space the small potential space between the parietal and visceral layers of the pleura
  8. psychological science the science of mental life
  9. biological weapon any weapon usable in biological warfare
  10. theological system a particular system or school of religious beliefs and teachings
  11. psychological state (psychology) a mental condition in which the qualities of a state are relatively constant even though the state itself may be dynamic
  12. theological virtue according to Christian ethics: one of the three virtues (faith, hope, and charity) created by God to round out the natural virtues
  13. physiological state the condition or state of the body or bodily functions
  14. pathological process an organic process occurring as a consequence of disease
  15. theological of or relating to or concerning the study of religion
  16. biological clock an innate mechanism in living organisms that controls the periodicity of many physiological functions
  17. neurological disease a disorder of the nervous system
  18. biological attack the use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food
  19. plagioclase any of a series of triclinic feldspars that form rocks
  20. plagioclastic of or relating to plagioclase