1. round-bottomed having a rounded bottom
  2. eutectoid steel a steel that contains 0.9% carbon
  3. round-bottom flask a spherical flask with a narrow neck
  4. crooked-stemmed aster a variety of aster
  5. hypo-eutectoid steel a steel that contains less that 0.9% carbon
  6. undoubtedly certainly
  7. hyper-eutectoid steel a steel that contains more than 0.9% carbon
  8. danaid butterfly large tropical butterfly with degenerate forelegs and an unpleasant taste
  9. flat-bottomed having a flat bottom
  10. case-hardened steel steel with a surface that is much harder than the interior metal
  11. round-bottom having a rounded bottom
  12. Madame de Stael French romantic writer (1766-1817)
  13. oil-hardened steel steel that is quenched in oil
  14. conditioned stimulus the stimulus that is the occasion for a conditioned response
  15. pseudoprostyle marked by columniation having free columns in a portico only across the opening to the structure
  16. bottommost farthest down
  17. banded stilt web-footed Australian stilt with reddish-brown pectoral markings
  18. flatbottomed having a flat bottom
  19. in the midst the middle or central part or point
  20. bottle-nosed whale northern Atlantic beaked whale with a bulbous forehead